Strength in experience

Midway Logistics was established as Softwood Logging Services Pty Ltd in 1988, after being awarded with a 30,000m3/pa contract with the Forest Products Commission (WA). Since then, the company has grown to become one of the most diverse and dynamic forestry harvesting organisations in Australia, now producing in excess of 650,000m3/pa.

Our head office is based in Bunbury, WA, and we have expansive range operational locations all through the South West of Western Australia. This geographical distribution of our business provides employment opportunities for regional residents and supports the regional communities in which we operate.

Leading the way

Midway Logistics have always been leaders in the Western Australian forestry sector, in particular driving new technological advances, diversification of harvesting methodologies and striving for ‘best practice’ in our Business Management Systems.

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong, professional relationships with our customer base. From small landowners wanting to clear some land to large forestry organisations.

Midway Logistics is currently working in conjunction with forestry organisations such as: